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Building Trust By Transforming the Customer Experience

Anne Wallace, President of ITACA Message from ITAC President Anne Wallace

ITAC’s free assistance service creates customers for life. When you refer consumers to ITAC, you forge an enduring bond of trust that transforms their experience from fear and frustration to relief and gratitude.

As the financial services industry’s solution center, ITAC is your resource for identity management services and for news and insight on identity fraud.

Our mission is to help you get the most out of your ITAC membership and to communicate that value to your customers, employees, management and shareholders. Use these pages to:

  1. Learn how ITAC supports FACT Act compliance
  2. Communicate the strategic value of your membership to internal and external stakeholders
  3. Advance your corporate customer care and satisfaction objectives

Thank you for your support!

Anne Wallace

FACT Act Compliance

ITAC plays an important role in detecting and preventing identity theft and in mitigating the effects of identity theft.

  • Online fraud alerts to detect and prevent identity theft. As an ITAC member, you receive real-time notice from ITAC about possible fraud at your company. During the ITAC victim assistance interview, a specially trained ITAC agent walks the consumer through her tri-merge credit report to identify suspicious activity. If suspicious activity is spotted at your company, you receive immediate notice and identifying information via ITAC’s inline case management system so you can investigate and stop fraud.
  • Victim assistance to mitigate the effects of identity theft. Most financial services companies have a process to mitigate the effects of identity theft with different business units within their own company. But do you have the staff or the expertise to help a victim mitigate fraud at other financial services companies, or at retailers, phone companies and utilities? ITAC provides online notice of suspicious activity to ITAC member companies. Plus, ITAC notifies by letter all other furnishers of consumer information at which the consumer identifies suspicious activity.
  • The industry solution reduces delay and frustration and delivers a better victim experience. Identity thieves frequently use a consumer’s personal information to commit fraud at more than one company. However, the consumer typically doesn’t know where the criminal has committed fraud and may spend days or weeks following the identity thief’s trail. ITAC reduces delay and frustration by helping the consumer identify all the companies where fraud may have occurred, gives the consumer documentation of what has happened and notifies all affected companies. In addition, because ITAC members follow a consistent process, the consumer’s experience in resolving the fraud is less confusing and stressful.
  • Unique law enforcement partnership. ITAC is the only recovery service that shares data with law enforcement. ITAC supplies information to the U. S. Postal Inspection Service’s Financial Crimes Database and with the FTC’s Consumer Sentinel database.
  • Responding to requests for documentation. Information about ITAC victim assistance and fraud alerts are key parts of documenting compliance for FACT Act, compliance and safety and soundness assessments.
  • Internal reporting. ITAC membership supports reporting for audit, compliance and management functions.

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Using Your ITAC Membership

Your membership in ITAC shows your customers, employees, senior management and other stakeholders your commitment to protect consumers from fraud and identity theft. We encourage you to display the ITAC logo throughout your communications as a symbol of your commitment.

Use these tools to communicate the value of membership through a variety of channels – websites, intranets, annual reports, marketing materials, branch communications, presentations, etc.

  • Standards Manual. The ITAC Standards Manual 2011 (PDF, 532KB) provides your internal graphic design and communication professionals with direction on how to use the ITAC logo and language on how to communicate about ITAC. It is important to communicate in a manner that is accurate and consistent in order to maintain the integrity of the ITAC brand.
  • Logos. ITAC logos in a variety of formats for web and print use.
  • Online resources. We strongly encouraged members to link to the ITAC website from their company’s website. Most members choose to link to us from their fraud prevention pages. We promote your involvement in ITAC on our pages and offer your customers information on how they can protect themselves.
  • PowerPoint Presentation. A presentation (PPT file, 205KB) you can co-brand and share with stakeholders inside and outside the organization that explains the strategic value of ITAC.
  • DVD. A powerful five-minute video featuring customers helped by ITAC you can share with stakeholders throughout your organization so they, too, can help spread the good word about ITAC.

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Customer Care & Satisfaction

When you place your customers in ITAC’s care, they will receive excellent customer service from trained professionals.

  • Over 98% of ITAC customers are satisfied with the service. ITAC conducts an email customer satisfaction survey each month as part of its customer care program. When asked if they would recommend ITAC to someone in a similar situation, more than 98% of consumers who used the ITAC service said yes.
  • Call length is not an issue. Our agents spend as much time as necessary to address customer concerns.

What Customers Say About ITAC

  • "They were very reassuring and polite. I could not ask for better service!"
  • "Quick response, friendly and helpful agents and knowledgeable."
  • "It’s a wonderful service for people who have been victimized by an unseen and unknown criminal element.”
  • "Wonderful and helpful. Above and beyond."
  • "I did not know ITAC existed. Now that I do, I will recommend it to everyone I can!"

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Using Your Membership

Use these tools to communicate the value of membership through a variety of channels – websites, intranets, annual reports, marketing materials, branch communications, presentations, etc.


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