ITAC provides victim assistance and identity management services. ITAC Victim Assistance® is available at no cost to customers of ITAC member companies.

ITAC agent

  • Check to see if your financial institution is an ITAC Member.

Here’s how ITAC Victim Assistance works:

  1. Suspicious activity is detected by you or your financial institution.
  2. Your financial company refers you to ITAC.
  3. An ITAC representative asks you to fill out an affidavit to document your case.
  4. The affidavit is shared with other affected account holders (if any), and with your permission, law enforcement.
  5. An ITAC representative walks you through your credit report to identify and help correct fraudulent activity.

What if someone stole your identity?

It can happen to you. Watch this video to learn more about identity theft and how ITAC helps identity theft victims.

"ITAC is an outstanding, invaluable service. It helped to centralize information regarding the crime and made me feel more in control."

ITAC is...

"...Highly Professional! The ITAC agent made sure I knew what she was going to do before we started. And at the end, she made sure to go over again what to expect in the future."

"...AWESOME! The greatest thing was that the agent treated me like a human being and had a genuine concern for me."

"...So Refreshing! It's great to see a company that not only believes in customer service, but has values!"




Copyright © 2013    ITAC, the Identity Theft Assistance Center, is the national advocate for identity theft victims and a leading voice on identity policy. Millions of consumers have access to the ITAC victim assistance service through our members - the financial services companies who support ITAC and offer it as a free service for their customers. ITAC is dedicated to protecting all consumers through education, research and the criminal prosecution of identity crime.