Fast Facts
  • Nonprofit established in 2004
  • Supported by 30 large, diversified financial services companies
  • Core service is ITAC Victim Assistance®
  • Free to customers of member companies
  • Speeds the recovery of victim’s financial identity
  • Partners with law enforcement to fight identity crime
  • Child Identity Theft
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How Does ITAC Work?

If a consumer suspects a problem with an account - for example, funds are missing from an account - the consumer contacts the company that holds that account directly. Only companies that are members of ITAC can offer its services to their customers.

First, the customer works with the member to resolve any issues at that particular company. The ITAC member gathers information about the event using a uniform affidavit. Information in this affidavit can be shared with departments and business units within the company and, with the customer's consent, other companies. This sharing reduces the burden on the victim, who otherwise would have to tell his or her story repeatedly and complete multiple forms.

If the ITAC member determines the problem involves identity theft, the consumer is offered use of ITAC free of charge.

With the consumer's consent, the contents of the affidavit is transmitted to the ITAC, who then obtains the consumer's credit report and schedules a telephone call with the consumer. Together, ITAC and the consumer review the file for evidence of accounts that have been taken over or fraudulent accounts that have been created. If fraudulent activity is found, ITAC notifies the affected creditors and places a fraud alert with the credit bureaus if the victim has not already done so. ITAC shares information about these identity theft crimes with law enforcement agencies in order to help them determine, investigate, and prosecute identity theft.

Why is ITAC Different?

ITAC is an initiative of the financial services industry. Forty-eight of the largest financial services companies in the country created and funded ITAC as a service for their customers who are victims of identity theft. The members of ITAC believe that fraud reduction and victim assistance is not a competitive issue. ITAC is committed to fighting identity theft by giving law enforcement the information they need to investigate, arrest, and prosecute identity thieves. ITAC shares information about known cases of identity theft with law enforcement agencies that have jurisdiction over these crimes.

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