About Us

ITAC, the Identity Theft Assistance Center, is the leading consumer advocate on identity fraud and the financial services industry’s identity management solution center. An affiliate of The Financial Services Roundtable, ITAC is supported by the industry as a free service for our customers. Since 2004, ITAC has helped tens of thousands of consumers restore their identity.

Victim Assistance

Members of ITAC offer our free victim assistance service to customers who suspect they are victims of identity theft. ITAC reduces the customer’s delay and frustration by giving them a single point of contact to resolve their case. A trained agent will help them identify and notify all the companies where fraud may have has occurred, The customer receives documentation of what has happened that can be shared with law enforcement or other account holders. Ninety-eight percent of customers who use ITAC are satisfied with the service.

Identity Management Solutions


All ITAC services are offered in partnership with Intersections Inc., a leading provider of consumer identity theft and corporate identity risk management services. Intersections has helped hundreds of companies manage data breaches through innovative technological solutions supported by superior customer service.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement looks to ITAC as a vital resource in fighting identity crime. Through data sharing agreements with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, information about identity crimes is made available to investigators and prosecutors across the country.

Consumer Education

ITAC believes consumer education is vital to fighting identity crime. We partner with national education initiatives including the Alliance for Consumer Fraud Awareness, National Cyber Security Alliance and Protect Your Identity Now.


ITAC is a source of fact-based information on identity theft. We provide news, information and opinion through our consumer website.

The news media uses ITAC as source of expert commentary on timely, complex issues related to identity theft, including trends and consumer safety; national public policy; public and private sectors initiatives, and related topics. ITAC also contributes to the formation of sound public policy through Congressional testimony.

We are a sponsor of the 2010 Javelin Strategy and Research Identity Fraud Research Report, the nation’s longest-running study of identity fraud.

We work closely with our sister organization, BITS, the technology division of The Financial Services Roundtable. BITS protects consumers by fostering collaboration on emerging issues where financial services, technology, and commerce intersect – including the security, privacy and integrity of financial transactions.


The Identity Theft Assistance Corporation is committed to transparent governance.


Our Purpose, Your Protection

We recognize that identity theft cannot be eradicated, but efforts like ITAC can contain it. ITAC is where business, law enforcement and consumers come together to defeat those who prey on consumers.

– Anne Wallace, ITAC President 

The Financial Services Roundtable

Copyright © 2013    ITAC, the Identity Theft Assistance Center, is the national advocate for identity theft victims and a leading voice on identity policy. Millions of consumers have access to the ITAC victim assistance service through our members - the financial services companies who support ITAC and offer it as a free service for their customers. ITAC is dedicated to protecting all consumers through education, research and the criminal prosecution of identity crime.